Initial full survey of the existing property and discussion of the proposed extension and alterations required.

During the survey session we will discuss the feasibility of the project offering valuable design advice which will form the basis of the service we offer.

From the survey which will determine position of drains, boiler flues and any other services positions, we can prepare the existing floor plans and elevations, this will be the basis of the drawings for the proposed project.

Once initial drawings are prepared we will send you the copy for approval.

This drawing will show the proposed extensions and layout as discussed during the survey and design session.

Once approved, the drawings will be finalised and made ready for applications required. Our fees include all the site location plans, block plans and all form filling.

Our fees do not include the local authority application fees or any other specialist fees for bat surveys, build over agreements and party wall contracts etc.

Permitted Development

Permitted development is a way of building extensions without the need for plannng permission to be given.

There are certain factors that need to be complied with to make sure the proposed works fall within the guidelines.

Building regulation approval will be required irrespective of whether or not planning permission is required.

For the full listing of permitted development guidelines please look on the Planning Portal